VW DQ200 Gearbox Replace Clutch & Flywheel

-Vehicle replace dual mass flywheel due to vehicle noisy during stationery

-Customer agree to replace dual mass flywheel during clutch replacement due to save the repair cost(both replacemenmt need to remobve gearbox assembly) in future

Dual mass flywheels play an important role in the function of your engine.  The dual mass flywheel makes clutch engagment smoother, while also cutting down on vibration and noise.  Replacing your dual mass flywheel will often happen for 1 of 2 reason.  The first is due to issues around the internals of your flywheel coming apart.  This will oftne result in noise coming from the flywheel area.  The second is due to wear.  A worn flywheel can often happens when a clutch is either slipping on a car that has been upgraded, or the clutch is worn.  This can create hot spotting and wear on your flywheel.  Being that dual mass flywheels are not easily cut you would want to 

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