Ravenol VST 5W40 Engine Oil

Ravenol VST 5W40 
-Fully import from Germany
-Fully synthetic engine oil
-USVO formula
-Approve by VW 502 00/505 00 (can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual)

RAVENOL VollSynth Turbo VST SAE 5W-40 is a PAO (Polyalphaolefin) based, fully synthetic low friction motor oil with especially USVO® and proven CleanSynto® technology for passenger car petrol and diesel engines with and without turbo-charging and direct injection.

Due to the USVO®  technology we achieve an extremely high viscosity stability. We avoid the disadvantages of polymeric viscosity improvers while taking advantage of them. This improves engine protection, performance, engine cleanliness and oil drain intervals. The USVO® technology makes it possible that the product has no shear losses during the entire change interval and is extremely stable to oxidation. This unique technology helps oil to be lubricated faster, thereby minimizing friction while keeping the engine clean and efficient.

RAVENOL VollSynth Turbo VST SAE 5W-40 utilizes the positive properties of tungsten to smooth the surface structure of the motor, reducing friction and wear, and significantly improving mechanical efficiency.

RAVENOL VollSynth Turbo VST SAE 5W-40 minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption with excellent cold start characteristics.

RAVENOL VollSynth Turbo VST SAE 5W-40 guarantees operational safety concerning all driving conditions as for example regarding extreme stop and go traffic as well as high speed drives on motorways.

Lubricant requirements for modern vehicles are growing continuously. Unwanted changes in viscosity may quickly cause serious problems. For this case, we have developed the USVO® lubricant technology with which we set a very high viscosity stability at high and low temperatures. Therefor only high-quality fully synthetic base oils and additives are used. USVO® stands for Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil.

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